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26711790 sArboreta and State Botanical Garden
The Club donates $25 to support the State Botanical Garden in Athens and other botanical gardens and arboreta throughout the state.

Avondale Community Club Christmas Tour of Homes
The Club provides hostesses for the event and donates $50 to support the Avondale Estates Community Club Christmas Tour of Homes.

Avondale Estates City Plantings
Our Club maintains the plantings at the City's East and West Entrances as well as the historic clock tower.

Avondale Estates Memorial Tree Fund
The Club makes an annual donation of $150 to the City toward the purchase of a tree to honor the memory of a deceased member or member’s spouse. The tree is planted on Georgia Arbor Day.

Blue Star Memorial Wreath
The club donates the funds on alternating years for a Memorial Wreath which is placed at the City's Blue Star Marker on the Friday before Memorial Day.

Cherokee Garden Library
Our Club increased our donation to $100 to the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center. We have entrusted our historical scrapbooks to this library.

C. Burke Day Jr. Memorial Fund
The Club donates $25 to the fund for a new accessible walkway and entrance at the Georgia Botanical Gardens.

Founders Memorial Garden
The Club contributes $25 to this garden on the grounds of UGA, dedicated to the 12 members of the Ladies Garden Club, the first Garden Club in America.

Garden Therapy
The Club donates $25 to the Garden Club of Georgia to support garden therapy programs at the seven state psychiatric hospitals in Georgia. In addition, the Club allocates $250 annually for the purchase of personal items for patients at Georgia Regional Hospital.

Garden Club of Georgia Scholarship Fund
Each year, the Club donates $1,000 to the GCG Scholarship Fund. In addition, individual members donate to GCG’s “Dollars Educate Scholars Program”, contributing an additional $100 plus annually.

Garden Club of Georgia Headquarters Beautification
To help with the expense of maintaining our beautiful headquarters in Athens, we contribute $25 annually.

Georgia State Botannical Alice H. Richards Children's Garden
The Club donates $25 to this Children's Garden

GCG Blue Star Marker Restoration Fund
The Club donates $25 to support GCG’s Blue Star Marker Restoration efforts.

Historic Landscape and Garden Preservation Program
The Club donates $25 to support this Garden Club of Georgia program.

James R. Cothran Endowment Fund

The Club contributes $25 to this capital fund which is used solely for financing the Historic Landscape Preservation Grants within the state of Georgia.

LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation
The Club donates $25 to support this historic rice plantation located in Liberty County.

Marshall Forest Land Trust
The Club donates $25 to support this 293-acre old growth forest in Rome, GA.

Natural Disaster Support
Our Club donates $25 to this fund which is managed by the National Garden Club for projects to recover and restore parks and public gardens following a natural disaster. Georgia clubs have received grants following tornado damage.

Oakland Cemetery
The Club donates $50 to historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta’s oldest public park, for its grounds restoration efforts

Penny Pines Foundation
The Club contributes a minimum of $68 annually towards the cost of planting seedlings to replace burned or damaged trees on about one acre of National Forest land. Using this donation together with Federal Funds, the Forest Service plants on the National Forest nearest to us. Contributions must be in multiples of $68.

Roadside Beautification
The Club donates $25 to this program sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia in partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation. The program beautifies state highways by the planting of wildflowers and spring bulbs.

State Parks and Public Lands
The Club contributes $25 to this GCG supported program of matching grants to promote State Parks and Historical Sites. The projects are related to gardening, conservation, natural resources or environmental issues.