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Andersson Gardens logo“How technology, a global pandemic and economic downturn turned my hobby into a business”
Marjorie Vermillion Andersson

Everyone will have a story leaving 2020 and this is Marjorie’s.
     In the midst of a global pandemic and economic recession, Marjorie became unemployed along with 40M other Americans. She had no interest in returning to the unkind and often unfair corporate grind so she turned her gardening hobby into a business.  Andersson Gardens was created to give fellow plant enthusiasts the opportunity to buy gorgeous plants from local farms delivered directly to the customer’s garden contact free.  Through the use of technology, social media, and electronic payments, customers are able to view and purchase gorgeous plants contact free if they desire.  Every day, Marjorie is grateful for the opportunity to bring happiness and beauty into the lives of her customers one tree, flower and shrub at a time.