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AEGC General Membership Meeting
“Fungi - Good For Your Plants, Good For The Planet”
Presenter: Dr. Cornelia Cho, pediatrician, and President of The Mushroom Club of Georgia

Most of us think of fungi as “The Enemy” in our gardens. In fact, they are some of our best allies in a broad environmental sense. Fungi have been quietly and steadily working away at key functions on this planet. They have intimate relationships with almost all species of plants and are key players in capturing and storing vast amounts of our planetary carbon reserves. Expand your understanding of how fungi are BFFs to our planet.

Back by popular demand, Dr. Cornelia Cho and her husband, Sam Landes, are set to share their extensive knowledge of fungi. Mark your calendar to attend this informative presentation as Dr. Cho takes us back into the fungi arena.
Location The LakeHouse at Avondale Estates