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AEGC received The DeKalb Federation’s CLUB OF THE YEAR AWARDClub of the Year Award

FIRST PLACE for Horticultural study/activity (Secret Garden Tour)
FIRST PLACE for Butterfly award (Beth Langhorst butterfly garden)
FIRST PLACE for National Garden Week Award (see GCG award description)
FIRST PLACE for our website
FIRST PLACE for our newsletter

FIRST PLACE for Native Plant Award (Beth Langhorst’s Native Plant garden)
FIRST PLACE for a design entry in the Mini-Flower Show (Tyler Weaver’s “Fruit Punch” design )
FIRST PLACE to Beth Langhorst for highest score (100 points) on her Native Plant Award write up
SECOND PLACE for Special Achievement (for our Environmental Speaker Series)
SECOND PLACE for programs
SECOND PLACE for Yearbook
SECOND PLACE for Beautification (tie with Conyers Garden Club)
SECOND PLACE for Community Service